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Hello spider Colleagues,

I hope this is the right subforum for a literature request which I need for a revision of a paper. I'm looking desperately for a part of Nielsen's Book "Biology of spiders", which is neither available online nor in my library here in Karlsruhe. To be more specific, I need just a single information out of it, which seems to be only published in Nielsen's works. Nielsen should have wrote about an agelenid-species in which the Egg sacs deposition type seems to vary within one species. This species produces egg sacs which could hang from a silken stalk (maybe comparable to Meta) or could be attached to the ground. This intraspecific variation is the only one ever described for a species and their egg sacs.

If somebody owns this book or a copy and could name me the species or scan the part in which Nielsen describes this behaviour (maybe it's not more than a sentence), I would be entirely grateful.

Many thanks in advance,