Author Topic: IMPORTANT! Save the edderkopper Forum!  (Read 18086 times)

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IMPORTANT! Save the edderkopper Forum!
« on: April 22, 2016, 09:10:49 AM »
In april 2016 the edderkopper forum was damaged and not reachable. When ever You called the forum, there where to see this:

Harald asked at our german spider forum ( for helping (we are usig the same software). So I tried to help. At first, Harald phoned to Glenn, then he mailed to me. Then, with Glenns helping (passwords etc.) I repaired this forum yesterday morning (upgrade to version 2).

What is the future of this forum?

1. Admins are needed
At first, this forum needs a team (it is not a good idea if only one has to do this – 2 or 3 where best; in or forum we have 2), which are administrating this forum; the most important job is: Managing new users. The second job is, updateting the software, if there is a new version aviable.

This morning, there where 17 new 'users' to approve. So the admin has to check who is real new user and what are spammers? – This mornig there where 16 spammers and one real new user.

How to check new users?
There is a good page There can IP addresses, user names and mail addresses checked if they ever have send spam to a forum. Another way is using your brain: If more than one user with a strange name come from the same IP address (this mornig 3) it is a spammer or if you open the domain of a given email address in the browser (this morning and you get a page with natural photos, I'm sure, this is a real new user!

Until a team is found, I'll help some times.

2. Who pays for the forum?
Glenn pays this year, he said. But in the future somebody otherwise must pay, because Glenn leaves the forum.

In Germany, we have given the forum and the spider wiki to a association Arachnologische Gesellschaft e. V. (AraGes). May be, you can go a similar way? Or a paypal link may collect money for this forum. There are many solutions possible.

You must find a solution for Your forum. Please help saving this forum.


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