Author Topic: Estrandia grandaeva (Keyserling, 1886)  (Read 2230 times)

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Estrandia grandaeva (Keyserling, 1886)
« on: November 22, 2010, 09:53:32 AM »
SpiMi (Spiders of Europe) indicates the species has already been recorded in Sweden and Finland, Québec also lists it, and we've found it in Massachusetts (elevation 550+ m), so why not also in Norway? (I think Kjetil already mentioned this possibility elsewhere here in the Forum.)

See here for habitus and pedipalp images:

Kaston (1948) writes that it "has been taken at elevations of [610 m] and over in the Berkshires of Massachusetts as well as farther north ... [and] builds a flat web between the branches of spruce and fir trees" at a height of up to 1 m.

Good searching!
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Re: Estrandia grandaeva (Keyserling, 1886)
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2010, 10:39:17 AM »
How peculiar! I was recently thinking about putting a list of expected linyphiids in Norway on this subforum as we have been discussing in a few other threads why so few new linyphiids have been found in Norway this year.

And when the new SpiMi (as we call it here) came up this was one of the first speices I examined! It is already on my "expected" list and I aussme we'll find it in the bordering region to Sweden, especially in the northern parts of the country.

There are a few other "special" linyphiids that I am espesically keen to find, including Tibioploides arcuatus and Tibioplus diversus. And then you have Kikimora palustris which has been found only some miles away from the Norwegian border, and a lot of other linyphiids that have either been described from the Abisko area by åke Holm (an area which is very close to trhe Norwegian border) or found close to the border. All of these "must" exist somewhere in norway and part of the intention with next year's expedition to Finnmark is the fill these gaps in the Norwegian spider list. We will not let the Swedes and Finns have these species to themselves!

I'll make an updated list soon so you guys know what I am hoping to find!

Thanks for posting this link, Kevin, it always helps to see the spider in the flesh!

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